In 2013 Kristen Vetter graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in Fine Arts, Psychology, and Photography receiving the presidential scholarship for all four years. In 2013 Kristen, along with fellow artist Kathryn Carey won the Kris Hjelle Memorial Community Service Project grant to work with The Downtown Partnership and build Candy Chang’s “Before I Die” wall in Baltimore. Her most recent body of work focused on the varied perceptions within an environment based on her travels. Kristen's work aims to transcend journalistic photography, synthesizing foreign cultures and environments into fine art. She manipulates the camera image through mediums such as drawing, printmaking, painting and sculpture. She is now a Photo Editor at Daily Mail and a freelance photographer. In April, 2015 Kristen and writer Brytnee Miller were awarded the Decentralization Grant to start LIP Magazine, a culture and arts magazine on Long Island, New York. 

                                                                                                                        Artist Statement

No society is without good or evil; it is an injustice to all people and cultures to believe so. From my own observations as a traveler, I have discovered that moral concepts are abstract and individualized, that nothing is simple and perspectives are subjective and unique.

My series of photographs, captured in an area synonymous with conflict, are full of contrasting elements: beauty, devastation, and the mundane. 

I document architecture and people within their environments. I then manipulate each image by hand with drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture to emphasize aspects of growth, change, and transition. The images that are created from this process emphasize empathy, and careful looking to offer clues to our common ancestry, common daily practices, and common struggles.